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The largest ever image of the Universe began to be photographed today
Published 14 February, 2024 in Outreach

Conceção artística do telescópio espacial Euclid, e em fundo uma das primeiras imagens obtidas com este telescópio

Following the plan of observations led by researchers of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA), the Euclid space telescope, 1.5 million kilometres from Earth, started today the assembling... read more ❯
European Research Council grants 2,5 million euro fund to develop new methods for the detection of other earths in the Universe
Published 26 April, 2022 in Outreach

For the next 5 years, project FIERCE, led by Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço researcher Nuno Cardoso Santos, will develop new data analysis methods, to model and characterize,... read more ❯


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ANDES Front-End meeting

The Front-End team of ANDES, including the SCAO and IFU subsystems will meet in Porto on December 11 and 12, 2023. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the mass, volume, and different functions of the front-end. The different architects of ANDES are also expected to participate.
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The first evaluation process of ANDES was recently held at the ESO headquarters in Garching. The project managers, as well as the system engineers of ANDES, all met together with the ESO reviewers to perform the System Architecture Review of ANDES.
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SHABAR [Other] (SHAdow BAnd Range) is a solar seeing measurement instrument that we are implementing in the context of the Paranal solar Espresso Read more


PoET [ESO] (Paranal solar ESPRESSO Telescope) will be linked to the ESPRESSO spectrograph (ESO) and allow to acquire simultaneously disk-integrated (sun-as-a-star) and arcsecond Read more


Euclid [ESA] is ESA’s mission dedicated to the exploration of the dark universe through the measurement of the properties of the cosmological large-scale Read more


ARIEL [ESA], the Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey, is one of the three candidate missions selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) for Read more